September 8, 2007


Sadly, my trip is more or less done. I have a few hour layover at George Bush International in Houston. It feels like all my major layovers have been here.

I had a pleasant flight from Buenos Aires and was even able to sleep most of the way. When not asleep, I watched "March of the Penguins"and began to formulate a return trip to see penguins. My trip was awesome; I just went the wrong season for penguins.

I am proud of myself for taking on such an adventure and will have trouble adjusting back into my Minneapolis routine, especially knowing all that is out there. I do, however, return with an eagerness to improve my Spanish. I know that I always return from Spanish speaking countries with this desire, but I will put checks in place to ensure my success this time.

This was a life changing experience--much more than going to the beach--and it feels good to return a new person.


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